Did I say that traveling full-time takes a lot of motivation and inspiration?? My secret for this is just to stare at my Push Pin Travel Map ♡

While all my trips look like a spur-of-the-moment decision, it really isn’t. It’s not a grab-you-backpack-and-leave-everything-behind thing but a think hard, plan well and prepare a lot kind of thing. I didn’t just wake up one day thinking “Oh, I’m going to these countries next month!”

Considering that I have a Philippines Passport with me, one of the things that make all the planning hard is the Visa Requirements. While there are 63 countries in the world to which Filipinos can visit Visa-Free, it isn’t enough for me. I’m on my quest to visit all the countries in the world, after all! And this is why as much as I want to just pack my bags and go, it just isn’t possible especially now that I’m taking the road less traveled.

We just made our big move to an apartment in Montenegro and as much as I want to just slow down a bit– enjoy the view from our apartment, spend time with Jon and our 2 cat babies, I have a goal to reach.

One of the most challenging parts about traveling is the finances, definitely! Though we earn to write about our trips and experiences and most of our hotels our sponsored, it isn’t always free. I just can’t show up there without anything. I need to save up too and I need to weigh my priorities!

Every day, I just stare at all the countries I’ve been to and those that I am yet to see. It’s easy to recognize with our Teal Dream World Push Pin Maps which is now neatly placed on our wall since all of them are marked with cute Map Pins.

This is one thing that motivates me to wake up and work– I made sure our Teal Dream World Push Pin Maps is hung on the bright side of our wall, somewhere where I can always see it. And just looking at it makes me feel like I’m ready to conquer the rest of the world ♡



Now, this is another challenging part. Because I have a Philippines Passport, it’s never easy to plan my route. I always have to check which countries allow me to travel without a visa, with a visa on arrival, or whether it requires a visa. In case it’s the latter, I need to make a lot of research on how I can get it and then process it afterward.

Our Push Pin Travel Map really helped me with this, too! All I do is mark all these countries with my colorful Map Pins. From there, I can easily see which ones I can easily cross the border to (being Visa-Free or VOA) and those which needs my Visa Application superpowers (and this is why I do Travel Coaching). Overall, I’m impressed by how accurate their maps are. It is very useful especially for frequent travelers like us!


Their founders, Mark and Brenda are frequent travelers just like us. Having traveled to so many countries and planning to see a lot more, they wanted their own Push Pin Travel Map but they weren’t able to find one, hence, they made their own. Family and friends were impressed with what they made so it ended up hanging on their walls. Friends of friends and their families started asking about it and that’s how they started selling it to the public.

Good thing they did because honestly, this is one of my most prized possessions!


Whether you travel around the world, around other countries, across the US States, or whether you travel just to watch football games, there is a product from Push Pin Travel Map especially for you! They also have Bucketlist Art Trackers to track your goals of visiting Football Stadiums, Caribbean Destinations, Golf Courses, Amusement Parks, National Parks, and Beaches! They also have beautiful Canvas Wall Arts which will give your house that wanderlust feel.

You can choose from a variety of designs printed on high-quality canvas. Also, did I tell you that you can personalize it?? Have something printed out and it instantly becomes a birthday, anniversary, or wedding gift!

For the price and the high-quality product you’ll get, it’s definitely worth it!

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