Our mission is to bring together Filipino travelers supporting each other in traveling the world and harnessing their collective knowledge and experiences to benefit the Philippines.


Our vision is to be the leading global community of Filipino world travelers creating a positive impact in travel thought leadership, education, culture, tourism, and international relations.

Core Values

One Global Community, Responsibility, Respect, Spirit of Adventure, Collaboration, Service


  1. To connect and bring together Filipino travelers worldwide;
  2. To cultivate a supportive community, where members encourage and inspire each other and help other members reach their travel goals
  3. To harness the strength of our network, our collective knowledge and our experiences to serve our country.
    1. Foster education through travel for the Filipino youth
    2. Become a strategic thought partner for the Tourism Board.
    3. Develop collaborative relationships with the domestic tourism industry to help them achieve their goals
  4. To advocate sustainable and responsible travel.
    1. To devise and implement certification and accreditation programs
  5. To advocate for treaties and other international agreements according to Filipino travelers’ dispensation to enter countries sans visa or other conditional authorization on territorial entry to foster ties and cultural exchanges among nations thereby promoting the superiority of the Philippine passport; 
  6. To help make the Philippines an important travel destination through the advocacy on the preservation of its cultural and historical heritage and for incorporation in tourism infrastructures;

Articles of Incorporation and By-Laws 

Certificate of Incorporation
PGE Certificate of Incorporation