Functions of the Committees

Tourism and Travel Industry Links Committee

To develop collaborative relationships with the public and private sector, assisting in advancing the country’s tourism industry, and promoting sustainable tourism, consistent with the vision, mission and objectives of PGE.  

The primary responsibilities of the Tourism and Travel Industry Links Committee include the following: 

  • Partnering with the Philippine Department of Tourism and Tourism Board – Understand the vision, mission and goals of the Department of Tourism and become a strategic thought partner influencing and supporting initiatives to promote the Philippines as a world-class tourism destination.  

  • Partnering with the Philippine Travel Industry – Establish a working relationship with travel organizations and businesses to ensure the sustainability of tourism activities and devise and implement certification and accreditation programs to promote sustainable and responsible travel. 

  • Recovery from the COVID-19 Pandemic – Provide support, counsel and sharing of external best practices, as the Philippines tourism and travel industry seeks to recover from the COVID-19 pandemic.  Responsibilities will be shared with the Education and Advocacy Committee.  

Education and Advocacy Committee  

To oversee all the planning and delivery of education and advocacy related activities in support of the mission, vision and objectives of PGE. 

The primary responsibilities of the Education and Advocacy Committee include the following: 

  • Foster education through travel for the Filipino youth.  In partnership with educational institutions in the country, support school programs and activities to teach valuable travel skills that encourage collaboration and teamwork, develop critical thinking skills, encourage creativity, develop problem-solving skills, develop communication skills and emphasize resilience, adaptability and flexibility. 

  • Educational and Tourism Campaigns on the History, Arts and Culture of the Philippines. In partnership with the public and private sector involved in the travel and tourism industry, support the development of tourism campaigns that contribute to the understanding of the history, arts and culture of the Philippines and advocacy on the preservation of its cultural and historical heritage and for incorporation in tourism infrastructures. 

  • Advancing the Status of the Philippine Passport – Collaborating with the relevant government authorities, support initiatives for treaties and agreements designed to strengthen and raise the status of the Philippine passport, allowing Filipinos to visit other countries and that the strength of the Philippine passport shall serve as a criterion for admission to the country being visited. 

Communications and Public Relations Committee  

To facilitate the accurate and timely dissemination of planning information to the public, media and allied professional organizations in support of the vision, mission and objectives of PGE.  

The primary responsibilities of the PGE Communications and Public Relations Committee include the following: 

  • Media – Coordinate and oversee media relations including the issuing of press releases, media advisories and responses to media requests for information and interviews. In addition, monitor media coverage of planning related issues in the Philippines as well as abroad, as needed 
  • Public Relations – Develop strategic public relations campaign, including but not limited to the following subjects/events: travel and tourism-related activities in conjunction with various local, government and private organizations, among others. 
  • Social Media – Promote the use of various social media tools such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter and others, to inform and engage members of the public, planning community and related professions 

Operations and Information Technology Committee 

To oversee all the planning and delivery of operational and information technology-related activities in support of the mission, vision, and objectives of PGE. 

The primary responsibilities of the Operations and IT Committee include the following: 

  • Website and Electronic Data Custodianship – Create and maintain the PGE website including new features to support the objectives; Provide mechanisms to reliably store and securely access PGE electronic data (e.g. online membership forms, online surveys, video/audio recordings, logos/images). 
  • Information Technology Planning & Implementation – Oversee the planning and implementation of all virtual activities (e..g. Zoom call events), communications/productivity tools (e.g. Slack, Trello, FB messenger chat groups, Whatsapp), and other technology assets to support the functions of the other PGE committees (e.g. Intranet, CRM, mobile app, accounting software, online platforms) 
  • Operational Systems and Procedures Enforcement – Create and maintain the PGE standard operating procedures (SOP) guidelines which detail the agreed systems and policies that support the PGE Articles of Incorporation & Bylaws, as well as decisions made by the Board of Directors; Ensures and audits that the various PGE committees comply with the SOP guidelines. 

Business Development Committee 

    To plan activities that will bring funds to PGE besides the collection of membership fees.  

    The primary responsibilities and activities of the Business Development Committee are the following

    • Fundraising. Propose and carry out fund-raising goals and business development activities for PGE to ensure that the organization will have the financial means to execute projects that are consistent with its vision and mission. 
    • Budgeting – Assist committee chairs with project proposals especially on the budget and other activities that will have a financial impact. 
    • Reporting – Regularly report to the BOD the financial activities of the Association 

    Membership Committee   

    To promote an active community of engaged members.  

    The primary responsibilities of the Director of Membership include the following: 

    • Membership Screening – Determine applicant eligibility before acceptance into the PGE Facebook page. Report all new members as well as potential provisional members to the Board of Directors (BOD). 
    • Membership Engagement – Promote membership engagement in the PGE Facebook and website pages through healthy discussions and themed recurring posts. Oversee in-person meetups of members as well as group trips. Feature members on the PGE website. 
    • Membership Recognition – Issue PGE membership certificates and ID cards to qualified members. Recognize members that have achieved a higher level of membership tier.  

    Nominating Committee

    To facilitate the nomination, election, and development of the future board of directors. 

    The primary responsibilities of the Nominating Committee include the following:  

    • Election of Director. Manage the nominations and elections for Board positions from start to finish 
    • Succession Planning. Take lead in succession planning. Facilitate discussion among the incumbent board of directors on a strategy to fill future positions taking the Board’s current skill set into account, along with the skill sets the Board will need in the near future. 
    • Develop Practices. Develop practices for recruiting and nominating candidates. Recommend to the Board strategies and policies required to fulfil the committee’s responsibilities. 

    Special Projects Committee

    • To oversee any unforeseen, special, and/or one-off projects that temporarily require some Officer member involvement and input for periods of time.