We are thrilled to introduce the latest addition to our organization: The Philippine Travel Masters (PTM) Committee, headed by Bj Carreon.

As part of our ongoing commitment to supporting our local tourism industry and showcasing the natural beauty of our country, PGE proudly launches The Philippine Travel Masters program. This initiative aims to honor individuals who have accomplished the remarkable feat of visiting all provinces of the Philippines, currently, that number is 82 Provinces.

To date, we are looking to recognize 65 Philippine Travel Masters, comprising 54 men and 11 women. Only 8 of these individuals are PGE members, showcasing the immense potential within our community for taking on the challenge.

Philippine Travel Masters Program
Philippine Travel Masters Program

BJ Carreon, a celebrated figure within the Philippine travel community known as the Pinoy Travel Icon, achieved the monumental milestone of completing all provinces labelled #Project81 in October 2015, positioning himself as one of the first Filipinos to achieve this feat. His quest has inspired countless travelers and backpackers alike, earning him recognition in various news outlets and magazines. BJ Carreon firmly believes that “a life well-traveled is a life well-lived,” a sentiment that resonates deeply with our organization’s ethos.

Under BJ’s leadership, the PTM Committee will implement a rigorous verification process akin to the standards set by NomadMania for its 193 UN Masters. The members of the PTM Committee are Rodillo B. Jerhen, Leo Muega Lucero, Jimmy Buhain, and myself. We are honored to receive guidance from none other than NomadMania’s Verifier, Thomas Büechler, ensuring the integrity and authenticity of our verification process for the Philippine Travel Masters.

Furthermore, we are thrilled to announce that the annual PTM Award will be integrated into our Annual PGE Travel Awards ceremony, a highlight of our General Annual Meeting.

This initiative stands as a testament to our organization’s dedication to fostering a culture of exploration and recognition within our community, to supporting our local tourism industry, and to encouraging Filipinos to explore their own country.

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