Modern day travel, as we all know it, is hopping around the world with the top goal of country counting. Little do we know, as we tread upon these new destinations, an unknown truth unfolds. With each trip, these unfamiliar places become blank canvases waiting for us to intricately paint our self-portraits which reflect an unchartered territory within us.

“Embarking on uncharted territories, the explorer not only discovers the world but also unravels the mysteries of the self.”


Beyond the mere exploration of cities and countries, there lies a metaphorical voyage into the depths of our characters and aspirations. Often unaware, this sentiment resonates deeply with each one of us as we embark on a personal journey that transcends geography—an inward odyssey, a quest for self-discovery. It’s a testament to the innate human desire for growth, resilience, and an optimistic gaze towards the future. With every step, we do not only discover places, but we also slowly discover ourselves. Through self-awareness, we approach a new horizon that promises endless possibilities, each one uniquely our own.

Layag: May 2024 – Volume 4

Layag Volume 4 Front Cover
Layag Volume 4 Front Cover Photo | Photo by: John Daguro, Taj Mahal, Agra, India
Layag Volume 4 Backcover
Layag Volume 4 Back Cover Photo | Photo by: Joseph Delos Reyes, Hillegom, Netherlands

Join us on this voyage of self-realization, where the world becomes both the canvas and the inspiration for the stories we paint with our very existence. Navigating through the unexplored realms of our presence, let each adventure be a brushstroke, contributing to the masterpiece of an inner self well-explored and a life well-traveled.

PGE Layag Vol.4 by Philippine Global Explorers

Thanks to John Daguro for the front cover photo and Joseph Delos Reyes for the back cover photo. Special mention to both Joseph Delos Reyes and Rey “Ardy” Tanatan for their contribution to the making of Layag Volume 4.