The collaboration between the Philippine Global Explorers (PGE) and the Department of Tourism of the Philippines, including its marketing arm, the Tourism Promotions Board Philippines, marks a significant stride in promoting the rich and diverse culture of the Philippines.

This partnership has culminated in the launch of a groundbreaking mobile application, the “TRAVEL PHILIPPINES APP,” aimed at revolutionizing the way tourists discover and experience the Philippines.

The app, accessible through, is a one-stop digital platform offering a comprehensive and interactive guide to the country’s best destinations, cultural highlights, and hidden gems.

It’s designed not just as a travel planner but as an immersive experience that brings the beauty of the Philippines to the palm of your hand.

With features like real-time weather updates, localized recommendations, and an extensive library of travel articles and tips, the app promises to make planning a trip to the Philippines more accessible and enjoyable than ever.

Ann Virtudazo and the Travel Philippines App
Ann Virtudazo (PGE Member) and the Travel Philippines App

A significant highlight of this initiative is the involvement of Ann Virtudazo, an esteemed member of the Philippine Global Explorers. Virtudazo’s role in endorsing the new travel app has been pivotal.

Known for her active participation and leadership in hosting PGE events, her endorsement brings a touch of authenticity and enthusiasm to the campaign.

As a model for the app, her presence resonates with both local and international travelers, embodying the spirit of exploration and love for the Philippines that the app aims to promote.

This synergy between PGE and the Department of Tourism showcases the power of community-driven initiatives in enhancing tourism and cultural promotion.

The Department of Tourism and the Tourism Promotions Board Philippines have long been advocates for showcasing the Philippines’ natural beauty and rich cultural heritage.

Their collaboration with PGE in launching the TRAVEL PHILIPPINES APP is a testament to their commitment to innovating the way the Philippines is presented to the world.

This app serves not only as a practical tool for tourists but also as a digital platform that celebrates the country’s diverse landscapes, traditions, and people.

Moreover, the app’s launch is timely, as the world gradually opens up after the global pandemic. It’s an invitation to rediscover the Philippines, offering travelers a chance to explore the country’s breathtaking islands, vibrant cities, and unique cultural experiences safely and sustainably.

Travel Philippine App QR code Download Now
Travel Philippine App QR code Download Now

In summary, the TRAVEL PHILIPPINES APP represents a significant step forward in the digital promotion of tourism in the Philippines.

It’s a shining example of how collaboration between governmental bodies and community organizations like the Philippine Global Explorers can lead to innovative solutions that benefit both travelers and the tourism industry.

With Ann Virtudazo as the face of this campaign, the app is poised to inspire a new wave of travelers eager to explore the beauty and diversity of the Philippines.